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All sales are reinvested in our Entrepreneurial Mudcloth Program at Ko-Falen.

For 20 Years, We Have Been Taking Stock,

Digging In, Solving Problems and Paving the Way

 at Ko-Falen in Mali.

Taking Stock: Ko-Falen purchases grain for our Family Food & Wellness Program.

Identified families receive 50 kilos each of rice, green millet and corn. This year we hope to feed 40 families! In addition, we provide assistance for families with chronic health issues and diseases. 

Digging In: Caretaker Madou works with students to grow our gardens at the Tutoring Center.

Ko-Falen is giving our students the opportunity to learn gardening tips and grow their skills. Some have already begun gardens at home!

Solving Problems: Math Teacher Maama works with three of her students during Algebra class. Our FREE tutoring center offers geometry, algebra and physics, as well as French reading & writing and English. We also sponsor students in school.

Paving the Way: Our neighborhood is helping to pave the road in front of Ko-Falen.

Finally! Students and neighbors are working together to make our dangerous road safe for our students to negotiate!


                                 Our programs in Mali:
                            1) Promote and preserve traditional arts of Mali

                            2) Feed families in food-insecure times

                            3) Guarantee potable water to our students & families

                            4) Keep young girls in school
                            5) Instill self-confidence and pride in underserved youth

                            6) Give students skills for their future
                            7) Open their eyes to a global world

Have you received Ko-Falen's Annual Report?

You can read it HERE !

Students at Ko-Falen have the opportunity to learn 

the unique Mali artform of bogolanfini (mudcloth)

in Ko-Falen's Entrepreneurial Program.

Our students are proud to share with you the history and traditional imagery of their cultures, 

as well as contemporary artwork they are practicing through these classes.

*Learn more about mudcloth under our ARTS of MALI tab

    Read our family stories from Ko-Falen's

    Family Food & Wellness Program  HERE

Ko-Falen Cultural Center has been working in Mali since 2004, promoting mutual understanding between people of different cultures through art and education. We are proud to have built a successful free tutoring center in the outskirts of Bamako, championing the most underserved families, with a focus on artisan families in the area. We sponsor 43 of our 100+ students, paying their public school tuitions. We recently created an arts entrepreneurial program for our students and graduates to help them realize their own small businesses. We have an ongoing storytelling program in the US and Mali to share stories and cultures. Ko-Falen is a 501c3 nonprofit. Your donation is tax deductible.

Won’t you join us for our

Film Fundraiser
at Cinema 21 in PDX?

This year, Ko-Falen Cultural Center will showcase an intimate music-filled documentary, following Mali’s beloved
“Kar Kar”
as he makes his way
through the country, reminiscing and playing with fellow renowned Malian musicians on his journey.

I’ll Sing For You by Jaques Sarasin

Advance Tickets $10-25

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No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

SAVE the DATE:  July 24th!  Mali film at Cinema 21 in PDX 

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